How I Became a Giant Lesbian

Once you come OUT, how do you fit IN?

Background Story

     One day in college, I was relaying a funny story about although no one ever assumes I’m gay, I like a ton of stereotypical gay things. Faux-hawks, roller derby, Tegan & Sara, plaid, rainbows, cats, etc... My ex-girlfriend always told me I was a “Giant Lesbian”, so my friend Sara told me to write my next script about “How I Became a Giant Lesbian”. This was the first spark of an idea.
     Now that I have produced three short films and live in LA, I returned to this script for a re-write and revival. The story centers around one girl's struggle to find her place within the queer community. She wants to fit in and be visible, but that comes with a cost. She has to figure out if this new persona lives up to who she really is. This story has heart, humor, and contains some real-life experiences I've had to navigate as a femme in the lesbian scene.

     Creating quality queer content is my passion and my purpose in life. I hope to make a difference for our queer community and inspire others to do the same. Visibility and representation really make a difference to gay youth. This film will make you think about what it means to be a lesbian and how to live outside stereotypical boxes.

Queer Style

     I'm happy to announce that we will have wardrobe provided by Sharpe Suiting, Wild Things Clothing, Basic Butch, and Queerdos. These are queer owned and operated businesses that cater to everyone, regardless of gender expression or identity. I'm so proud to be able to feature and support queer businesses, and provide them an audience too!

Why the Midwest?

     Being on campus in the Midwest is very different than any school in California. I also want to pay homage to the region that raised me and the school where I found myself. I am in talks with professors at Northern Kentucky University to recruit film students to help bring this project to life, and will provide them with on set experience. My Alma Mater, NKU has granted me permission to shoot on our campus.